NB Ride Against Cancer


Ryan Dillon, Friends Foundation Chair, along with Sébastien Dupuis, CHU Dumont Foundation Chair, are pleased to announce that the CHU Dumont Foundation has joined the NB Ride Against Cancer and will share in the growth of this year’s ride whose proceeds are designated to help those dealing with cancer at each hospital.

Cyclists will continue to help cancer patients. That won’t change.

“It’s a win-win.” says Dillon. “For years, patients have benefitted from accessing treatment from one hospital, while being followed by a physician practicing at the other hospital. It makes sense that the ride helps the two health care centres.”

‘We’re thrilled to be working together as a community, generating funds for the same cause. There is strength in numbers, and we are delighted to add our efforts to support one ride for both local hospitals,” remarks Dupuis.

Registration for this year’s fundraising ride is now open.  Cyclists can sign up by accessing either foundation’s website.  For the FriendsFoundation.ca, the ride is listed under Ways to Give.  For the CHU Dumont Foundation, the ride is listed under Campaigns & Events at DumontFoundation.ca. Donations can be made online through the same links.

Over 18,000 cancer patients seek oncology services at The Moncton Hospital each year while the Dr. Léon-Richard Oncology Centre at the Dumont has approximately 30,000 patients annually, for an estimated 65,000 visits.

The NB Ride Against Cancer was formerly the NB Doctors Cycling Against Cancer. Imagine starting from 9 participants in the founding ride for 5 days in 2015 – to 47 participants including 7 teams in 2022!  It was time to take advantage of that success and expand the ride which has raised close to $650,000.

The Tour of Hope originally started as a three-day, 650 km event that became a resounding success over the years, raising several hundred thousand dollars for the annual Tree of Hope campaign. Since 2020, the Tour has become a virtual event, allowing participants to ride on their own or in groups, according to their level of comfort.


Donations can also be made:

By mai

to Friends of The Moncton Hospital Foundation,
135 MacBeath Avenue, Moncton, NB, E1C 6Z8

By phone at:


In person

at the Friends kiosk located in the main lobby of The Moncton Hospital.


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